47 landlord-owned homes for sale at one estate agent

Owners of rental properties have said the lifting of the Government’s eviction ban is necessary to stop the exodus flow of landlords selling up.

The Irish Property Owners’ Association, which represents landlords, has said it supported the move.

David Brock, from Brock DeLappe estate agents in Inchicore, has noticed the trend of landlords leaving the market.

He has 47 properties on his books which will soon go on the market – all of them are owned by landlords who are selling up.

“They’re citing onerous tax treatment and they’re telling us all the regulations are causing a lot of uncertainty.

“The biggest problem is that there are very few people coming into the market to take their place,” Mr Brock said.

However those facing eviction have expressed dismay at the Government move.

Louis Vangelder lives in Ballyfermot in Dublin, where he has rented with his partner and child for 10 years.

Late last year, he was given an eviction notice and he has to be out in May.

“It’s like having a big clock sitting over your head. Tick tock. And the days are ticking away. We look around at our house and we’re just like, where do we go?”

Mr Vangelder had hoped the eviction ban would be extended so he would be covered, but that is not to be.

Tenant Louis Vangelder said the lifting of the eviction ban is ‘scary’

“This is the new generation of homeless people. We’re not people who owe rent or who are in debt. We’ve played by the book. We’ve paid our rent for 10 years…never missed in 10 years. This is new territory for us and it’s scary.

“I go to to work every Saturday on Thomas Street and the amount of tents I pass is scary…and I see

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