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As a real estate investor, you might encounter varying advice about investing on the internet, social media and from other investors. Some of these sources may claim they know best, but there are many effective strategies for investing in real estate. There isn’t a single strategy that is the best approach for every landlord. In fact, your real estate investing strategy should reflect your personal long-term goals, available resources and current circumstances.

Plus, your investing strategy can — and should — change as your needs change. The success of your rentals isn’t tied to one investing strategy, but rather the skills you’ve built, the tactics you’ve learned and your ability to shift between different strategies when needed.

Below are six great real estate investing strategies you may use at various points in your investing career:

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1. House hacking

House hacking is a popular investing strategy wherein you buy a property, live in half and rent the other half out. The rental income you receive helps reduce your monthly mortgage payments on the property.

This strategy works well with duplexes and other multiplexes because you can maintain a clear division between your and your tenant’s spaces. However, some investors also rent out a basement or bedroom from their single-family home (SFH).

House hacking is a trendy and widely used investing strategy for several reasons. For one, it’s an excellent way to transition to real estate investing for new landlords. This is especially true if you learn to manage your rented unit or bedroom with property management software. Software helps you carefully track your income and expenses while you establish your business. Another benefit of house hacking is that it allows you to get a residential mortgage

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