China’s Property Market Booming Thanks to Country Garden and Evergrande

The Chinese property market has experienced a significant increase in popularity and activity over the last year. This boom has been mainly due to two of the sector‘s biggest names – Country Garden and Evergrande.

Country Garden is a leading property developer in China, renowned for its large and luxurious residential complexes. The company has seen a surge in profits recently, with their net income increasing 37.26% from the first half of 2020. Additionally, the value of its projects has seen a 36.7% rise in the same period. This has further solidified Country Garden‘s position as one of China‘s top developers.

Evergrande is another of the key names driving the Chinese property market. The company has seen an impressive amount of growth over the last two years, as evidenced by their revenues reaching a record high of 50.5 billion yuan. The residential sector has been key to this success, with Evergrande‘s property projects seeing an 85.4% increase in sales.

With two of the industry‘s major players driving growth, the Chinese property market is likely to remain a booming market for the foreseeable future. This could mean more jobs, economic growth, and more quality housing options available for the Chinese people.

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