DirectOffer, Inc. Revolutionizes Property Marketing with Multilingual DO AudioTours™: A Game-Changer for NC REALTORS®

DirectOffer, Inc., a pioneering force in AI-driven marketing and lead generation, announced a significant collaboration with NC REALTORS®. Through this partnership, their 57,000 members now have access to DirectOffer’s patented DO AudioTours™ technology, which automatically turns traditional property listings into guided multi-language tours of homes, in 20 different languages.

With DO AudioTours, listing agents can add audio voiceovers to property listing photos in one of two ways. An agent can rely on DO AudioTours’ natural language processing capability to auto-generate and add audio descriptions in over 20 languages in voice and closed-captioning to each property listing. The agent can personalize the audio tour by recording a voiceover to each listing photo they choose, with multi-language and closed captions included. This empowers agents to reach an expansive, diverse audience while supporting ADA and DEI initiatives.

The relationship with NC REALTORS® adds to DirectOffer’s growing customer reach, which currently stands at more than 300,000 agents. It reinforces the importance of providing sellers with differentiated marketing tools that ensure as many potential buyers see their listing as possible. 

“DirectOffer is excited to partner with NC REALTORS® to help provide their members with cost-effective marketing and lead generation tools,” said Katie Lappe, Founder and CEO, DirectOffer, Inc. “The innovative marketing, multi-language, and closed caption features of DO AudioTours will undoubtedly redefine the landscape for NC REALTORS® and their customers.”

Founded on the belief that homeownership should be accessible to anyone, DirectOffer’s DO AudioTours technology empowers agents to bring a home’s story to life, enhancing the home shopping experience and deepening the emotional connection to both buyers and sellers. An audio tour can be automatically added to any MLS listing and shared through an agent’s property marketing via social media, emails, and text messages via their smartphone. DirectOffer adheres to ‘my listing, my

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