Five properties on the market for the longest in Coventry – some of them you won’t believe

High interest rates have reportedly led to a summer slump in demand for property across the UK and the situation in Coventry is no different. There has reportedly been a drop in appetite for people buying new properties.

But there are some properties for sale around the city that have been on the market for much longer than just the summer – one has been listed since September last year. There are others that have seen price reductions; again, something that is happening nationally.

Rightmove, the UK’s largest online real estate website, says typical asking prices are down 0.4 per cent on a year ago. But there are signs that the market is starting to pick up again.

And that could be good news for five properties in Coventry that have been listed for the longest period of time on Rightmove. A good chunk of the five are not your average properties – they are huge, with sprawling grounds. Check them out below.

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