Forget Monaco… inside the quaint English villages and rural market towns where wealthy Europeans are flocking to buy up holiday homes – but locals are NOT impressed

Wealthy Europeans are snapping up cottages and townhouses in the CotswoldsFilms and TV shows such as Downton Abbey are crediting with inspiring them 

The lure of the Cotswolds is seeing a wave of wealthy Europeans snapping up the region’s rustic cottages and elegant Georgian townhouses, much to the ire of locals.

Film and TV franchises such as Harry Potter and Downton Abbey have been credited with filling foreigners’ heads with a fantasy ideal of English country life.

In the south Cotswolds, Tetbury in Gloucestershire is famed for its antique and bric-a-brac shops along its quaint Long Street, which was named one of the UK’s top 10 favourite streets for shopping by Homes & Antiques magazine in December 2018.

But it seems locals aren’t impressed by the latest tide of neighbours donning waxed jackets and driving Land Rovers in a homage to all things English.

Norman Nash, 84, of Tetbury, said: ‘I had a second home myself in France, I have a certain sympathy with them, but given the fact that we’re being overwhelmed by immigrants, illegal many of them, and housing is an issue, I’m less enthused about receiving any foreign individual into this country at the moment.

‘Sorry, it’s a bit old school, but yes, that’s the way I see it. The world seems to be standing on his head, all the long-established norms seem to have disappeared, 

‘If I met a Frenchman in the high street, I’d greet him well and buy him a drink… I’m sure they’re all charming. I just think it’s the principle I think that needs examination.’

Will Walton, 20, who manages the BR Gallery in Tetbury’s

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