Hong Kong Property Slump Leading Hong Kong Investors To UK Property

(MENAFN– EIN Presswire)

UK property is becoming incredibly popular for Hong Kong residents and investors in the face of a difficult domestic market.

The number of Hong Kong nationals in the UK is likely to continue growing with data showing that a quarter of Hong Kong citizens under 35 are planning to move overseas to work.

One notable reason why Hong Kong nationals are looking toward the UK is to do with the UK’s visa scheme for BNO passport holders, which was introduced in 2021. This scheme provides a fast-track to British citizenship for any BNO passport holder.

The demand for rental property in the UK is currently 46% above average and supply is 38% behind the average.

The demand from Hong Kong is causing lenders to create specific deals for Hong Kong buyers in a bid to win business from a lucrative sector.

Current developments in the Hong Kong property market are leading Hong Kong Investors to UK Property for residential and investment purposes.

Hong Kong investors are looking at an incredibly lucrative rental market, and with prices temporarily depressed, it’s a good time to get a valuable UK investment property.” – Stuart MarshallMANCHESTER, GREATER MANCHESTER, UK, February 20, 2023 /einpresswire.com / —
High property prices and a property investment market slump are leading both Hong Kong residents and investors to look elsewhere for property. One location favoured by many Hong Kongers is the UK.

Hong Kong Property Slump.
The Hong Kong property market is one of the most notoriously unaffordable property markets in the world. But recently, according to reports from bloomberg , the Hong Kong property market is seeing alarming falls across the board. Prices in Hong Kong are currently at a five-year low and this is causing Hong Kong investors to view their domestic market with caution,

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