I bought a house with my student loan, now I’m a 29-year-old landlord with 7 properties

James bought his first property when he was 19-years-old (Picture: Jam Press)

A 29-year-old property investor who spent his student loan buying his first home now has a portfolio worth £1.2 million.

James Coupland, from York, was inspired to get into property after living in a ‘shocking’ shared flat at university.

He spent his days off from university working instead of using up all of his student loan to cover living costs, eventually saving £6,000 – enough to cover the 10% deposit needed on a (very cheap) £53,000 house.

James believes that buying property – even now, when interest rates are at a 15-year high – is the ‘safest bet’.

In fact, he said the recent change in the market has helped him to go from owning four to seven properties in just one year. 

James was inspired to get into property after living in poor conditions as a student (Picture: Jam Press/@jamesproperty_)

‘Due to interest rates rising, buyers have been panicking and the demand for property has slowed down,’ he said. 

‘This has enabled me to buy more, as they’re going for much less than market value.

‘My last purchase was at an auction where only myself and one other person showed up – which is far different from before when over 50 people would show.’

James likes to ‘flip’ houses by refurbishing them to a high standard (Picture: Jam Press Vid/@jamesproperty_)

Recent research by Zoopla found that some 80% of markets in the UK saw house prices fall in 2023 compared with last year. Overall, house prices fell by 1.1% – the sharpest drop since 2009.

‘[Property is] the most rewarding asset in the world and always will be in my opinion,’ James added. 

‘Always try to keep it and not look to

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