Iconic property on the verge of collapse

The Irish Georgian Society has made a representation to Sligo County Council over the continued dilapidation and decline of an iconic Easkey house.

The move comes after Ballina-based architect David Hicks highlighted the precarious condition of Templeview House.

The imposing 19th-century property, located outside the seaside village of Easkey, has become a local landmark but there are fears that the crumbling house could soon be beyond saving.

Mr Hicks, the author of Irish Country House – A Chronicle of Change, has been documenting the rapid decline of the building since 2018.

“Everyone who has driven up and down that road will be familiar with the house. It would be top of many people’s lists of a house to buy if they ever won the Lotto,” said David.

Templeview House has an intriguing Mexican backstory. The construction of the house in the 1800s by Easkey native Peter Hale was funded by money made in the banking industry in Mexico. From a well-connected family, Hale had lived in Mexico for 20 years and also had considerable assets in New Orleans and Louisiana in the United States.

When built in 1855, the demesne around Templeview extended to 54 acres which was surrounded by a high wall, Templeview has passed through generations of the family and was put on the market in 2004 when it went unsold. It was again put up for sale in 2010 with a guide price of €350,000.

David now fears for the future of Templeview House.

“By the winter of 2023, a large section of the roof had collapsed and the hugely ornate decorative barge boards are no more,” said Mr Hicks. “Usually with these types of houses when the roof goes, the support of the wall goes and they begin to collapse,” he added.

He has urged Sligo County Council to intervene but his pleas have so

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