Inside the UK’s cheapest market town – where ‘desolate’ homes sell for just £15k

The UK’s most affordable market town has been revealed.

According to research by Halifax Bank, Ferryhill in County Durham is consistently the UK’s “most affordable market town” – with one house on sale for just £15,000.

Residents have theories why this old mining town would have such bargain prices. Neighbours Jane and Gavin Fraser said: “Some of these places [inside] are really desolate,” explained Gavin. “Landlords buy them and don’t fix them up for years.

“There’s a place just round the corner which has just been bought and absolutely gutted because the previous tenant didn’t spend a penny and the landlord didn’t. So when you drive through and see a few really c****y places that’s what really brings down the area.”

His wife Jane, a Ferryhill native, claims that the quality of housing also impacts who settles in the town, with landlords showing the same disregard for the tenants they select to live in their properties. She said: “They just have anybody to live there and it just brings the area down. I can’t say it’s everybody, but a lot of people who’ve moved in are like that.”

On nearby streets, similar claims are made – that the area has become a “dumping ground” for residents few places would want to welcome. Despite that, the friendly prices and open countryside is tempting buying from hundreds of miles away to Ferryhill.

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The Frasers themselves relocated from Woodham in

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