Just three properties available to rent under HAP in Dundalk

There were just three  properties available to rent under the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) scheme in Dundalk, the latest Locked Out of the Market study undertaken by Simon Communities of Ireland has revealed.

The study which was undertaken on the 18th, 19th, and 20th September showed that there was an average of 9 properties available to rent in Dundalk during this period. 

There were no properties available within HAP rates for single people or couples and there were no properties available under a standard HAP rate.

Two properties were affordable under the discretionary HAP rate for households with one child with an additional one property affordable for two children households.

There were also  no one-bedroom properties available for singles or couples during this period. There were 2 two-bedroom properties available in Dundalk over the course of this study, with monthly rents of €1,200 and €1,800. 

Rents for two-bedroom properties ranged from €1,200 and €1,800 while rents ranged from €1,500 -€2,200 for three-bedroom properties

According to Daft.ie, average rents in Co. Louth increased by 12.1% in the last year and now sit at €1,624.

Locked Out of the Market is a snapshot study undertaken every quarter over three consecutive days. The study tracks the number of properties advertised to rent within the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government (DHPLG) Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) limits.

Details were gathered from Daft.ie from 16 areas across Ireland, including Dundalk. The study compares the findings to the previous studies providing indicative point-in-time data on the pressure in the private rental sector. It is said to reflect the lived experience of people trying to find a home to rent in this period.

The study also examined availability of properties within discretionary HAP limits, which is up to an additional 35% of the standard rate elsewhere.

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