Lindsays: Solicitor agents make critical differences as Scottish property market evolves

Andrew Diamond

House buyers and sellers need the experience and expertise of solicitor estate agents now more than ever, according to Lindsays’ Andrew Diamond.

Mr Diamond, partner and head of residential property at Lindsays, believes the easing of extremes has enhanced the importance of valuations and negotiations provided by firms such as his.

And he is seeing signs that the evolution of the market is opening wider opportunities for people to trade in it.

Mr Diamond, who is also chairman of solicitor estate agency collective ESPC, spoke as Lindsays strengthened its residential operation with the appointment of experienced Edinburgh housing market professional Simon Donaldson as a property manager.

He said: “More than ever, people are realising that good advice is critical. The market is changing, it continues to change. We’re now seeing a more evenly balanced market between buyers and sellers.

“This makes it more tradeable than we have seen in recent times – and it’s opening opportunities for greater numbers of people. Navigating that requires careful advice, particularly given that most buyers are also sellers.

“We are moving from a market of extremes to one that’s more balanced – more tradeable. People who were locked out by those extremes in prices – perhaps those wanting to step on to the next rung of the property ladder – are finding the confidence to get into the market.

“It’s also a more nuanced picture where you need advice from people who really understand what’s happening and how to secure the best all-round package. That’s where solicitor estate agents really stand out and we are seeing a growing realisation of the value that firms such as ours deliver in the markets in which we operate.”

Mr Diamond added: “This more balanced market is creating opportunities for buyers

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