Property guru Phil Spencer reveals three things to always focus on – and why interest rates is not one of them

PHIL Spencer has revealed his three top tips for anyone involved in the housing market.

The trained surveyor used his latest Telegraph column to unleash 20 years of knowledge about the property sector.

Phil Spencer with co-presenter of Location, Location, Location Kirstie AllsoppCredit: Alamy

The co-presenter of Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location urged homeowners to focus on what they can control when it comes to buying a home and to plan ahead when deciding where to buy.

Meanwhile, he urged readers to not panic about prices or focus too hard on elements out of their control such as interest rates.

It comes with the Bank of England base rate at 5.25%, which has seen mortgage rates soar from historic lows.

Focus on what you can control

When it comes to buying a home, Phil said to gather as much evidence about the property before making a purchase.

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That means asking as many questions as possible to avoid falling into any traps further down the line.

There will be things you discover after buying a home, but it’s always worth talking to neighbours and asking if they’ve had any issues that could crop up in the home you’re looking at.

For example, if you’re buying one out of a row of terraced houses, it’s likely if any of those have experienced problems, yours will too.

A lot of the time, a neighbour is more likely to reveal key information which will be of use compared to an estate agent.

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Phil revealed his biggest gripe is when buyers don’t plan enough into the future when buying a home.

That means opting for a home that might seem appropriate now,

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