Purchasing a property in the top 1% of the property market

“For the average homebuyer, accumulating a mortgage deposit, securing a mortgage offer and keeping up with their monthly repayments in the current climate is an uphill struggle in itself”
– Verona Frankish – Yopa

New research from Yopa analysed current sold price data from the Land Registry, looking at transactions to have completed over the last 12 months, before looking at the average price paid across the top 1% of the market in each region.

Yopa then looked at what you would need to earn in order to secure a mortgage at 4.5 times your earnings in order to purchase at the very top tier of the housing ladder.

According to the figures, the 472,885 homes sold across England and Wales in the last 12 months have done so for a median sold price of £280,000. However, those to have sold across the top 1% of the market have commanded £2.175m on average.

This means that having placed a 15% deposit of £326,250, you would be required to earn 410,833 per year in order to secure a mortgage at 4.5 times your earnings for the remaining £1.9m.

With the average salary coming in at £35,659, even a joint purchase by the average homebuyer would see them falling well short, with a combined income of £71,318 some way off the £410,833 annual income required.

Of course, with London home to the highest house prices in the land, it comes as no surprise that the capital requires the highest earnings if you want to purchase within the top 1% of the market.

In the last 12 months, the average price paid at the top 1% of the London market has been a cool £5.5m. Not only would a 15% mortgage deposit require you to fork out £825,000 up front, but you’d

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