Sydney to lead Australia’s luxury property market in 2024

Proportion of cash buyers on the rise. Luxury home prices to rise between 3% and 5% across Australia. Supply constraints continue to keep a floor under prices.

The 2024 outlook for the luxury property market is mixed, as prime price growth is revised upwards, headwinds may be easing, but several key risks remain ahead.

According to Knight Frank’s Global Prime Residential Forecast, the projections for prime prices in 2023 and 2024 have been revised upwards. The 2023 forecast was initially 1.7%, revised to 2.4%, while 2024 was initially 2.1%, now 2.5%.

The factors set to shape 2024

The tumultuous 2023 has been characterised by global conflict, soaring inflation and interest rates, and general uncertainty.

But among the expectations for 2024, the report found headwinds may be easing, the proportion of cash buyers rising, and elections are the biggest risk to prime markets for next year.

The report found that cash sales rose from 46% to 52% in the last six months.

Politics and regulations are both a major hurdle and potential boon. On the one hand, tighter controls around energy, sustainability, and holiday letting may be concerns going into 2024, but on the other hand, relaxation of property and tax regulations may be an opportunity.

Source: Knight Frank. Source: Knight Frank. Source: Knight Frank.

Upcoming elections include the Indian General Election (before the end of May 2024), US Presidential Election (November 2024), UK General Election (before January 2025), Canadian General Election (Before October 2025), and Singaporean General Election (before November 2025).

The report also found that the increase in demand is expected to be small, likewise the increase in supply, sales, and foreign buyer activity.

Source: Knight Frank. Source: Knight Frank. Source: Knight Frank.

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