“Takeshi’s Castle” property on market for £300k – with bizarre honeycomb-shaped rooms

A PROPERTY resembling a Takeshi’s Castle set has appeared on the market for £300,000 – but would-be buyers will get lost in the maze of rooms inside.

The four-bedroom bungalow in Hartlepool, County Durham appeared on property website Rightmove on Saturday.

The detached property’s exterior photos create a sense of confusion from the get-go, with the compact house taking up a small portion of land at the end of an otherwise large driveway.

Honeycomb designed house aerial view. Credits: Rightmove/igomove

A myriad of floor-to-ceiling windows leave viewers unsure of where to look as the oddly-shaped property juts in and out in bizarre hexagonal shapes.

The layout does not improve inside, as interior images show a series of bizarrely shaped rooms condensed into the property.

The centrepiece of the house appears to be the large living room which, whilst airy and light, consists of walls everywhere and a strange triangular-shaped concave ceiling.

The strange honeycomb-shaped design means most rooms’ decor is positioned in baffling ways.

One room houses just a washing machine, whilst another narrow, triangular space has a lone fridge wedged between two ill-fitting doors.

Every bedroom has managed to fit either a single or a double bed into it, but with little to no space available on either side of the beds due to the complexities of the layout.

With doors lining seemingly countless walls throughout the home and no floor plan available, the property looks to be nigh impossible to navigate amid a maze of rooms.

The bungalow does however offer house-hunters a large garden space that surrounds the perimeter of the honeycomb, making for tranquil garden views in practically every room.

Due to the house’s maze-like build, the property has gained comparisons to a classic round seen on Japanese game show Takeshi’s Castle, which was broadcast from

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