Thinking of selling? Here’s our helpful guide to selling your property

LIFE IS OFTEN punctuated by milestone events. 

Getting married, going to university and retiring are all milestones – no matter what the order you reach is. We often process our life in these milestone segments. 

Selling your home is another massive milestone. It’s not something you do every year or even every decade. It is a significant move, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. 

It’s only right that you put a lot of time, consideration and effort into the sale of your home. You might only get one shot at it and you want to make the best return possible on the sale. 

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To make selling your home easier, we’ve put together this handy guide that you might find helpful. We asked one of Dublin’s leading estate agents, Andrew Rafter of Flynn Estates for his top tips when selling a home. With numerous years of experience, Andrew is a trusted voice in real estate and knows how to make sellers happy. 

Andrew Rafter.

Knowing it’s the right time to sell

According to Andrew, most sellers make the decision to sell based on two factors. They might sell the home for lifestyle reasons such as wanting to move to the coast or away from a city, or because they feel the house is too big or too small for them. 

The most successful sales that I’ve dealt with is when people have a plan,” said Andrew. “Once they put a plan in place, it is

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