UFO-style dome home in Connecticut on market for first time—for $950K – New York Post

It’s as if an unidentified flying object touched down in bucolic Redding, Ct., just 60 miles from Midtown Manhattan

But the curious 3,100-square-foot sphere is actually a rare geodesic dome home with two bedrooms and two baths, central air conditioning and an observation cupola providing 360-degree views — perfect for stargazing. 

The house is now on the market for the first time in almost a half-century, for a whopping $950,000.

Modeled on futurist Buckminster Fuller’s “off the grid earthship home” of the 1970s, the Connecticut place was built in 1978 by Raymond Noren, an eccentric multimillionaire and milling machine heir. When Noren died last year, he left the dome to a longtime friend, musician Hal Lefferts.

Sitting on six acres, the dome home looks like a UFO landed in bucolic Connecticut.

“[Lefferts] was surprised by the gift, had no interest in living in the dome, and decided to sell,” real estate agent Jennifer Thomas of Houlihan Lawrence told The Post.

Lefferts, who was involved in work on the dome years ago, told The Post he also inherited valuable treasures that Noren had collected and left inside the dome, including a 15th- century, 500-pound Buddha head.

The two-bedroom home measures around 3,100 square feet. A unique fireplace sits in the middle of the living area.

Despite a depressed housing market, Thomas said her phone hasn’t hasn’t stopped buzzing with calls about the strange UFO-shaped residence.

“There’s been great interest coming especially from millennials who are intrigued by the place, and don’t want to make any changes,” the agent said.


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In the early 1970s, the futurist Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller popularized the radical spherical design. He once wrote that the dome-home

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