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PHOENIX — Arizona’s rental market is competitive and many Arizonans are facing higher rent costs forcing them to move.

When an available and affordable unit comes on the market – it’s snatched up relatively quickly.

That’s why when Chris found an apartment listed with Ultimate Properties he was excited.

“The price was really good and the location and [it] had an attached garage and everything,” Chris said as he remembered the listing.

Chris found the listing on his phone, applied right away, and paid his fees – including an application fee.

An application fee is meant to reimburse landlords for time or money spent screening prospective tenants.

It’s reimbursement for things like running credit or background checks. Application fees typically cost between $30 – $60.

After applying, Chris checked the rental listing on his desktop and noticed it read ‘Application Pending’. He says that his status was not visible when he looked and applied on his phone.

“I found out that I was third in line. Then, the following days I found out that someone else had been approved,” he said.

Chris was disappointed, but that turned to frustration when he says the listing was still visible online for several days after he’d been told someone approved it. He says it’s not about the money he paid for the application fee.

The Ultimate Properties website says fees are non-refundable. Chris understands that but says he’s frustrated about the fact other people may have also applied – and paid fees – not realizing the status of the property.

“There could have been dozens of people applying for that… it’s like $50 each person to apply. And so they’re potentially making quite a bit of money for something that’s already been rented out.”

The Let Joe Know team asked attorneys with Community Legal Services about laws regarding Arizona rental applications.

They found

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