What is the status of Craven County’s real estate market heading … – New Bern Sun Journal

Real Estate column by Rowland and The Home Sales Team.

The Craven County real estate market has cooled off from the pandemic-feeding frenzy that ended in early 2022 but it is still a great time to buy and sell real estate here. 

The data from the local multiple listing service used by us realtors proves the market is positive and I am here to share that data with you. Real estate is and always has been, hyper-local. The real estate stats that you hear on news channels and read online very rarely tell the whole story of what is happening in Craven County with our housing market. 

The national statistics typically are based on the top 50 metropolitan areas of the US. They can be a leading indicator as to the direction of our local market, though Craven County usually trails 6-18 months behind those stats. Currently, in Craven County, we have 192 homes for sale, with 64 of those being new construction.